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County Risk Services, Inc. (CRS) first opened its doors for operations on January 1, 2019. The creation of the company was something that the Association of County Commissions of Alabama (ACCA) had envisaged for years. It was the next step in advancing the overall management of the self-insured pools for workers’ compensation and liability that the ACCA formed decades ago. Today, County Risk Services, Inc. operates exclusively as the in-house, non-profit third-party administrator for these Funds. It provides administrative services, claims services, risk management services and underwriting on behalf of the pools managed by the ACCA. CRS is governed by a five-person Board of Directors, appointed by the respective Funds and four Officers appointed by the CRS Board of Directors.

County Risk Services, Inc. utilizes a state-of-the-art Risk Management Information System (RMIS) called Origami Risk, which provides state-of-the-art claims administration, underwriting, policy administration, safety and analytics.

The ACCA was formed in 1929 to serve as an educational, technical, legal, legislative, and public policy resource for Alabama’s 67 counties. The Association provides workers’ compensation, liability and property insurance coverage to counties and county-related entities throughout the state. Currently, there are 86 members in the Worker’s Compensation Self-Insurers Fund, 71 members in the Liability Self-Insurance Fund, Inc. and 45 members participating in the Property Program.

Workers’ Compensation Services

To initiate a workers’ compensation claim, members should: Complete First Report of Injury Form
Submit the completed form to [email protected]

Liability & Property Services

If a liability claim involves serious bodily injury,
(888) 608-2009 or (334) 394-3232

Risk Management Programs

Helping prevent accidents and injuries through Risk Management Programs, on-site Assessments, and Training

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